PU2/4 Proving Unit

PU2/4 Proving Unit

Manufacturer Reference : PU24
Battery operated, simply to use and portable.



PU2/4 Proving Units are portable, simple to use battery operated voltage testers. They have an approximate output of 500v and are designed to proof test all neons on Martindate VI-13700/G, Drummond MTL7 Test Lamps and other LV/MV Voltage Testing Devices.

PU2/4 Proving Unit features:

2 x 9V Batteries, 6LF22, MN1604 or equiv
500V nominal open circuit voltage, high frequency pulsating d.c. 4KHz nominal
10 x 10 for recommended operating force of 280 gms nominal, decreasing with excessive applied force
Neon indicates unit operating and voltage available at output terminals
-5 to + 45 degrees C
Moulded A.B.S Grey

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